Do I need previous experience?
No, but a background in some form of engineering would be helpful.

Do I have to have a background in mechanics or engineering?
No, but it does help.

What equipment is available at the centre?
All the necessary equipment and machinery is available as is a range of hand tools, but you will be expected to build a kit of your own hand tools during the course.

Can I pay by instalments?
Booking a place on a session effectively blocks that slot for the entire year and hence payment in advance is our standing policy. Individual requests for special arrangements will however be considered on a case by case basis.

Is Gift Aid possible?

Is there internet/Wi-Fi at the centre?

Can I park there?
Yes, there is ample off road parking next to the centre.

Is there a café?
No, but there are tea and coffee making facilities (tea, coffee, milk, sugar) all included in the membership price, a microwave and a communal seating area for such as the consumption of refreshments.

I am a complete novice, what help will I get?
Everyone starts with a different level of skill so the instructors will work with you on a one-to-one basis.

Do I need to bring any tools with me on the first session?
No, but you will be expected to build your own tool kit as the course proceeds.  You will be given help in deciding what to get and where to get them from.

Do I need to bring a watch or clock to the first session?

  • Clock Sessions : If possible, but if you haven’t gone one for the first session, that’s OK.
  • Watch Sessions : For the watch beginners lesson and the taster days the answer  is ‘No’. In the beginners lessons a watch is provided (copy of an ETA 6497) and the student pays for it on that first lesson. Approximately £60.
    On the watch taster days, the watch is lent to them by the club.

How many in a group?
There is a maximum of 16 in a group.  This will be made up of new people and people from previous years.

I am interested in doing the BHI Distance Learning Course, will I get help with this.
Yes – but please call or email us for further details.

Is it run as a set course with set lessons or does it cater for people with different learning speeds?
The watch course is run in the first two years to a set scheme of work to develop the necessary skills.  The clock course is less structured and caters for a wider range of abilities.

Nearest public transport.
Epping Central Line.

How much does it cost?
See “courses” page.  It works out at approximately £3-00 an hour.

When will I be able to service a watch?
This will depend on how well you get on with the course.

Can I attend more than one class, such as a watch class and clock class?

Will I get a certificate or qualification?
No, the only qualification is through the BHI.

Will I get a work book or notes?
Most notes are now supplied in electronic form but a workbook can be provided for those who prefer a hard copy.

What happens if I miss a session?
There is plenty of opportunity to catch up on a missed session.

What is the dress code?
Sensible clothing suitable for a workshop.  No ties, sensible footwear (no sandals), an apron or workshop coat.

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