To become a member of EFHC an initial joining fee is required. Centre members are entitled to join weekly sessions, usually on a 40 week annual  basis. EFHC offers one day and weekend specialist courses for Members, and holds auctions and social events during the year

We hold sessions in its clock and watch workshops for up to 14 people. Enrolment in one of the sessions is dependent on availability, and spaces are allocated on a ‘first-come first-served’ basis

Some considerations for joining are as follows:

  • An initial joining fee of £60 which enables the member to subscribe to the activities of the club
  • Payment for 40 weekly sessions per year. A schedule and current prices are available from the Membership Secretary or Class Times and Costs 2023/24
  • The Centre  is not close to public transport. Taxis from Epping Central Line underground station, however many members arrange transport between themselves
  • Purchase of a clock or watch to work on (may be included in the cost of some of the beginners courses) and of course some materials and tools as you progress.

Please contact the Membership Secretary for more details on joining and application forms


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