Lesson Format

Particularly for beginners in the study of clocks and all watch sessions, the tutor input is more formal and members follow a series of practical exercises together, but will also work on their own projects. Sometimes the format of these session will be more along the lines of formal lectures which cover some aspect of clock/watch theory, here is an example lesson from a watchmaking class. These classes start at set points during the year, dependent upon a viable group being established.

The majority of members learn practical skills on clocks or watches of their own which need servicing, repair or restoration while some make clocks. Members taking the British Horological Institute Distance Learning Course can work through the practical exercises in the weekday sessions. Those working for formal BHI qualifications can use the Centre facilities to make test pieces or generate records of repairs.

Additional short duration courses of one, two or three days are organised from time to time on special topics, e.g. platform escapement overhaul, hand engraving, watchmakers’ lathe work with hand gravers. These courses are open to members and are at substantially lower rates than others available.

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